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 National Gaurd Application

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Mike Briant
Mike Briant

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PostSubject: National Gaurd Application   Tue Sep 09, 2008 5:17 am

When making a National Gaurd application you will need to make the post [APPLICATION] then you IG name. Before even making the form make sure you have the following. No lag, gun expierience. Also if you have police expierience and a good review from a commisioned PD officer it raises the chances.

Personal Information [For you IG character]
Country of origin:
Date of Birth:
Detailed Personal Information

Story of your life: (Put effort in this, it mostly comes down to this story whether you will get accepted or not)
Earlier Jobs:
Have you ever been in Law Enforcement before?
Why do you want to be in the National Guard?
What are your expectations of the National Guard?
Have you ever been involved in any serious crime?
Do you have a driving and gun license?
Have you ever fired a gun before?
What NG division do you prefer?
(( OOC Information ))

Ingame Level:
[b]Former names:
Are you familiar with the server rules?:
Are you familiar with roleplaying?:
Have you ever been punished (kicked/banned) before?:
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National Gaurd Application
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