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 Rank Jobs of the LSPD

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Andrew Meyer
Cheif Of Police
Andrew Meyer

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PostSubject: Rank Jobs of the LSPD   Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:28 pm

Commisioned Officers

Cheif: Leader who watches over the entire force
Captain: Mostly on the streets fighting crime.
Lieutenant: Files the paperwork, and works directly under the captain.

Non- Commisioned Officers

Staff Sergeant: Will be incharge of sending the list of demerits to the Cheif.

Drill Sergeant: Trains the new Cadets in there BCT's.

Sergeant: They will be patrolling the streets, but they are also assigned a buddy who they need to stick with, and show them them ropes, and test them, and they test them by letting them make an arrest or give a ticket after they've already seen how it's done. If they do it properly they pass, and get promoted.


Warrant Officer: They watch to see if a member breaks the law or a rule, and reports it to the Staff Sergeant.

Officer: They Have passed Basic Training in the academy, and should be in the squad car alone for the first time patrolling the streets.


Deputy: Starting Basic Training, and learning from there assigned sergeant.

Recruit: Has a pending on the forum.

Join The LSPD today.

Andrew Meyer,
SAPD Cheif
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Rank Jobs of the LSPD
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