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 [Server SUggestion] 5

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FBI Director

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PostSubject: [Server SUggestion] 5   Thu Sep 11, 2008 5:09 pm


yup another suggestion iam full of them xD

Mabye introduce CK,PK

PK: Say a guy meets a gang in-game hears important info the gangs members kill him and hes forced to forget the info from a pk ** PK only as admin command gangs/people have to ask admin and give good reason*

Ck: Ending players life for good formeaning tey need to make a new character** only done by admin with a very good reason* like a gang member gettign conered by 3 cops byhimself and shooting meaning its sucicsly he would not survie ss needed

these would have to be admin commands


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[Server SUggestion] 5
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