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 Los Aztecs Applications *Open*

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PostSubject: Los Aztecs Applications *Open*   Fri Sep 19, 2008 10:14 am

Los Aztecas Application

Gang Application

What is you IC Name? -

What is your current level (Must Be at least level 2) -

How active will you be in game? -

What is your real age? (Must be at least 13)

What was your first language? How many years of English?

What Country/ Time zone are you in?

How many other Roleplay experiences have you had, where and for how long?

Are you familiar with any other SA-MP servers?

Do you have any alternative characters? -

Have you read and FULLY understand the history, rules and information on the gang?

Do you have a basic understanding of organized crime and/or gang life?

- Please answer the following questions with 3 or more sentences.

After you join, what jobs are you most interested in and why?

What do you think you can do to benefit the gang? (Be Specific!!)

Tell me a bit about character. Where does your character come from? Why does he/she want to join a Latino street gang? (This is especially crucial if your character is not of Latino descent.)

Have you read and understand the Rules of being a Los Azteca?

-Yes (If you check yes you will be asked a random question in game)
-No (If you check No, you application will automatically be denied)

Anything else I should know about you or your character?

Any Applications posted anywhere else other than this thread will be ignored.
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Los Aztecs Applications *Open*
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