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 The Rules Of Los Aztecas

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PostSubject: The Rules Of Los Aztecas   Fri Sep 19, 2008 10:17 am

New to the Los Aztecas? Not clear on the gangs rules? Getting yelled at in Ventrilo? Thoroughly read these rules, and it should never happen again!

*These rules are mainly for the newer members who may not fully understand the rules, all you O.G.-LA know what’s up. All of these rules are to be enforced by every LA member, all the time. Print it out, set it as your background, bring it to school… just learn ‘em!

* The Rules of a Los Azteca*
Concerning Confrontations: Confrontations are an inevitable consequence of RP, but starting them for the wrong reason is not. As a Los Azteca, our first rule is to not take **** from anyone. But since “black and white” style rule has harmed us in the past, revisions have been made. Do not avoid or runaway from confrontations at all (I’m talking about w/ gangs, civs, lol), but DO NOT go around starting **** with people just because you know there are people behind you. The Los Aztecas, like a real gang are about protection, defense and brotherhood.
Confrontations are by far the most disputed activity we have taken part in, because the majority of the time blood is spilt. But if someone hits your car and honks at you, this is not a reason to start shooting, especially in a world where the majority of the population can’t drive. If you think about confrontations IG as you would in real life, the pointless conflicts will seize to exist, and most likely be replaced by role-play situations you would enjoy much more.

Although some conflicts are just plain and simple bullshit that is fueled by the desire to Deathmatch, there are [obviously] viable reasons to begin a conflict. One of the most prominent in this game is race. For example, if some one rolls up to you and calls you a spic, or throws LA down, act as if a Mexican thug would in this situation. This is a very simple example, but when you get the feeling your in a situation where you have something to defend, that’s a good sign this is a reasonable conflict. Receiving **** and defending yourself and your gang brothers for it is completely fine, but starting beef, especially out of the blue and for no reason, gets people mad, and dead. So look at the next conflict in a different point of view, and see if your re-act like you would to a video game.

Gang Life: Ever since the beginning of the Los Aztecas, we have always been good friends with each other, in game and in Ventrilo. To me, this is one of the most key elements to being an Azteca. Knowing other members, cooperating and coordinating is the essence of being in a gang. One of our newest rules that helps enforce this is the “Buddies System”. Never, EVER roll alone unless no one else is on, NO excuses. If you are going to leave, let the person know in Ventrilo, gang chat and IG with dialogue or /sms. This way, we can keep track of our members and know what is going on where, and if we are needed. This rule should be enforced not just by the leaders, but by every active LA member online. It never hurts to ask a question or two in vent, or send out a message asking where everyone is. Why do you think the PD (IRL & IG) is so efficient? They are constantly communicating. Our gaming community is fortunate to have its own Ventrilo VOIP server, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of it. Typing is slow and our chat boxes don’t need to be full with OOC ****! They need to be fat with dialogue and RP elements! There’s no reason to be alone in the streets so help out the gang by speaking up and helping to organize the Aztecas. Get to know other members, and I guarantee your playing experience will be more enjoyable. Also, this is an impressive trait higher-ranking members looks for in new Aztecas.
Gang Violence: Ever since the server went on to the official list, public places are becoming more and more common. Therefore, more and more killings/violent acts are being sighted. Though death and punishment is a very large part of upholding a gangs reputation, there are people, as in real life, that have the power to deal with these actions. So, when the time for killing comes, think before you act. And absolutely NO killing at Pershing Square! No one in real life would shoot the living **** out of someone one block away from the PD. If given the chance bring the conflict away from public areas (be creative) and deal with it efficiently. If there are witnesses, they may too meet the same fate. If a shootout breaks out in a public place, it should only be in self defense. There are times for violence, but being completely aware of your surroundings before you make an illegal move is crucial to the survival of a gang.
The Fuzz: Dealing with the cops and other factions are definitely the most delicate situations in RP. But with the cops you usually have something to hide. This risk is not present when dealing with other factions because you both know why your there and involved in similar illegal activities. But the PD is there to protect the citizens of LS, and when your part of an infamous gang that constantly sports teal apparel, you tend to attract attention. When in hotspots, tread lightly and obey the rules listed above like your life depended on it, or else you’ll end up losing it very quickly.
Taking risks with the police should not be a daily activity or habit. When people say, “Fuck the Police” they don’t mean walk up to them and say “fuck you!” they mean “fuck ‘em. I don’t want anything to do with them.” So abide by the second interpretation of the saying and you should able to avoid conflicts relatively easily. In real life there are very few crime organizations that can stand up to the police in any real fashion, and a Mexican street gang ain’t one of them. This rule is in no way stating you should roll over when coming in contact with an officer, but remember backup is only a hotkey away, so deal with the problem quickly or legally.

Respect: In Los Santos, there are a lot of people who want respect, and everyone gets it in different ways. But that respect is not given, it’s earned. That’s the beauty of RP, you can act anyway you want within true-to-life boundaries, but remember that you are representing something bigger than yourself, and that people know you as part of LA. So depending on the role-play judge how much your character would respect the opposing side. Maybe there a different race, maybe they talked to you in a disrespectful manner. All of these elements contribute to the outcome of the situation, so think before you act.
To some gang members, most civilians are considered beneath them, because they are not part of their world, and they are viewed as ignorant or worthless. It is up to you whether you treat civilians in character like you are above them, but be prepared for problems along the way. Although civi’s are single entities, we owe other gangs respect. This means that if you respect other gangs while neutral, they should give you the same in return. If a confrontation arises from their side, it will be discussed between two high ranking members of each faction. What were trying to say here is; don’t **** with other known faction members unless they **** with you first. Wars have been started from a simple insult, and at the end of the last one, we decided that the hierarchy of the gang would deal with the people individually if it continued to happen. Whether it comes in OOC or IC form, this will be dealt with severely. If you believe it was an act of war, then report it to the higher ranks immediately.

The other gangs are playing the same game we are, and we all connect on a different level whether we like it or not.

These are the first 6 steps to keeping you and the Los Aztecas on the right path. These rules maybe edited by me, Klaaa or Max at anytime, so check in for recent updates and add-ons. I hope everyone understands these rules CLEARLY so we will experience fewer problems with members and better role-play. As I said at the beginning, these are rules the leaders and other high ranking members have formulated over time, and we know they work. If I missed anything please inform me, but let’s keep the posts short and to the point. Adios!
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The Rules Of Los Aztecas
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