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 Creating Your Own Gang

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Andrew Meyer
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Andrew Meyer

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PostSubject: Creating Your Own Gang   Sat Sep 20, 2008 9:45 pm

If you want to create your own gang thats fine. You can make a post in the gang creation center in the correct format, and it will be reviewed. If you are not excepted that doesn't mean you can't have a gang. You can just have an unnoficial gang which means no HQ or set cars. You can just have a forum spot, and controll a certain area. If someone challenges your area well then.... You lose it, but only if they defeat you. Also your not defeated till you retreat for good. As in if everyone there dies on your team you can keep going back. Untill you give up, and run away from the battle. That does not mean your gang is gone, but if you are accepted for your own gang you will get an HQ cars, and a name you make up. If you are accepted you will become an unofficial gang. You need to prove yourself by gaining respect from other gangs/ proving yourself to them, and become allies with powerful people/gangs/families. If you were denied, and are an unofficial gang then you cannot do this. Only accepted people can do this to become official. So..... have fun.

Andrew Meyer,
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Creating Your Own Gang
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