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 [APPLICATION] Ryan Wilson

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PostSubject: [APPLICATION] Ryan Wilson   Fri Oct 03, 2008 9:18 am

IG Name
Ryan Wilson

Have You Been an Admin before?
Yes, numerous times before. Over a year of sever managing and admin experience.

Whats your timezone?:
GMT +10 [AEST]

How Active are you?
Quite active. I am able to get on every day unless real life commitments or school are in the way.

Whats Your IG level?
Still Level 1. But I have been roleplaying for over 2 years now and have played on numerous servers like LS-RP, SZR and Valhalla.

Why Do you Want to be admin?
I love to help people and see servers like these expand and become something what you would never think. I am active and I have previous experience so expect the right answer every time. I am always willing to help out whether it be for ideas or small bits of coding.
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