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 PBT Information

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Andrew Meyer
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Andrew Meyer

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PostSubject: PBT Information   Thu Aug 21, 2008 3:22 am

If you were accepted then you will advance to PBT. Paramedic Basic Training. First you need to know that you are not a law enforcement agent, and should not get tangled in any criminal or police affairs. You have a spray can for if you are being attacked when you get to the scene. For example you get a 911 call saying someone was shot. If you get there, and someone is being shot at they might shoot you as well. If the victim is being attacked when you arrive you should use your spray can to protect them. All paramedics will also recieve a pair of handcuffs so you can subdue your enemy, and call the police to take car of them. You will then escort your patient to the medical room, and take out the bullets, put on a cast w/e. Depending on the injury. Just RP what you think you would need to do. The equipment will be inside the room.

Andrew Meyer,
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PBT Information
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