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 What is it?

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Andrew Meyer
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Andrew Meyer

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PostSubject: What is it?   Mon Aug 25, 2008 11:20 pm

Lottery is a system we now have. There will be 150 available tickets. You can buy a ticket from Me every monday, tuesday, wednessday, thursday, and friday. I will have another lottery helper write down a random number between 1 and the ammount of tickets we sold. i cannot see the number. We then wait 2 IG hours. tickets can be bought at any time before the 2 hours ends. At the end i will look at the number, and whatever player has that ticket wins the lottery. Pretty simple? There are also three lottery types. There is Los Santos Mega Millions. That ticket costs $1,000 and usually pays about $1-$2 million. The next is San Fierro Fire, It's a $5,000 ticket but the payout is abotu $10- $15 million. The final is Los Venturas Payout, and that ticket costs $10,000 it's probobly the best possible ticket you could win. a $20-$50 million $ payout. That would be the life right. Very Happy

Andrew Meyer,
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What is it?
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