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 What to say

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Andrew Meyer
Cheif Of Police
Andrew Meyer

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PostSubject: What to say   Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:23 am

When you pull someone over this is exactly what you do. First access your police cars computer, and look up there record. /mdc then there ID. If they are wanted you can take them in, but if not heres what you do. After you go to there car, and say Sir if its a man or ma'am if it's a women.

1. Sir, do you realize how fast you were going?
Once they answer you say:
2. Sir, please show me your license, and registration. (command is /showlicenses then there ID incase they don't know).
When they do you look to see if they passed there driving test. If they did you do /ticket there id then 2000, but if they didn't it goes like this.
3. Sir, please step out of your car, and if they do you say Sir, your under arrest for driving without a license. Then you bring them to jail, and do impound there car for 2 paydays, and fine them $8,000.

Andrew Meyer,
SAPD Cheif
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What to say
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