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 FBI **Rules**

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FBI Director

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PostSubject: FBI **Rules**   Mon Sep 08, 2008 12:41 pm

These are the rules in the FBI failer to abide by these rules will earn a demotion or a uninvite

1) Jailing or prisoning a suspect for doing nothing
2) Jailing, Prisoning a suspect longer than the agreed time.
3) Insulting another Goverment Official
4) Insulting a higher rank
5) ALL Ranks except Director, Assistant Director WILL PARTNER UP ( unless your the only FBI on otherwise you pair up)
6) Taking a police vehicle your not allowed to
7) No Powergaming ( example: Man's shooting you with gun and you just manage to grab his gun while he's firing, Not on if hes shooting takecover and shoot back)
( if hes not shooting but has a gun taze him)
8] Only share Mission, Operations with FBI Agents , LSPD Cheif ( or if it concern's lower rank of LSPD only share need to know infomation.

*All FBI will help LSPD if they seek help*
*Most of the time we will Go after Dangerous Suspects* ( Not just normal traffic stops)

* Be active on forum contributing on FBi question, threads, Polls*

I think of more xD


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FBI **Rules**
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