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 FBI Times/Fines

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FBI Director
FBI Director

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PostSubject: FBI Times/Fines   Mon Sep 08, 2008 1:20 pm


* Indecent Exposure: $200
* Lude Gesture: $300
* Verbal Assault: $8000
* Loitering on Government Property: $500
* Illegal Parking: $600
* Illegal Parking on Government Property: $700
* Use of Hydraulics on a public road: $500
* Reckless Driving: (driving off road, footpaths) $1200
* Reckless Endangerment: $2000
* Illegal Racing: $1200
* Illegal use of Nitros Oxide: $400 (car impounded)
* Trespassing on Public Property: $1000
* False 911 Call: $10,000
* Possession of Illegal Weapons: $300 + removal of your weapons
*Threatening non-armed: 15,000
*Damage of Public Service Vehicle: $10,000 fine
*Damage of Public Properties: $10,000 fine
*Failing to let an Emergency Member Pass while the vehicle is using sirens/lights: $8,000
*Lieing to Police: $3,500

The following offences carry a jailsentence of 30minutes.
*Second Degree Murder: (Murder that was not premeditated or that was not witnessed but upon a check on the person, they are wanted for Murder)
*Murder of a goverment offical
*Kidnapping a goverment offical
*Holding a Goverment offical Hostage
*Rape(Forcing another individual to perform sexual acts against the persons will)

The following offences carry a jailsentence of 20 minutes.

*Attempted Murder on a goverment offical
*Trespassing on Government Property ( FBI HQ )
*Conspiracy to Commit Murder on a goverment offical
*Failure to Comply (Not complying or listening to a government official) + $10,000 fine

The following offences carry a jailsentence of 15 minutes.
*Murder on a civilian
*Attempted murder on a civilian
*Holding civilan hostage + $5,000 fine
*Bribing a goverment offical + $3,500 fine
*Conspiracy to Commit Murder
*Obstruction of Justice (Interfering with a government official(s))
*Evading (Leaving, running, or escaping someway in the attempt to elude an officer)
* Arms Trafficking (Selling illegal firearms) + $40,000 fine
*Drugs Trafficking (Selling illegal narcotics) + $40,000 fine
*Possession of narcotics ( Having narcotics on you) + $40,000 fine
*Attempting to sell narcotics + $40,000 fine
*Buying narcotics +$40,000 fine

The following offences carry a jailsentence of 10 minutes.

*Manslaughter ( Accidental killing of another person)
*Assault (Issuing a threat with the means to carry it out)
*Armed Assault
*Armed Assault without being able to show license
*Robbery (Seizing property through violence or intimidation)
*Armed Robbery (Seizing property using a weapon of deadly force)
*Extortion (Acquiring money, property, or services by use of intimidation or other acts)
*Forgery (Copying objects or documents with the intent to deceive)
*Perjury (Lying or making false statements in a court of law)
*Accessory (Assisting in the commission of a crime, but not actually partaking in the unlawful activity)
*Aiding and Abetting (Participating in the commission of a crime)
*Prostitution (Exchanging sexual acts for valuables or common currency)
*DUI (Driving Under the Influence of alcohol/drugs)
*Brandishing a Firearm (Displaying a firearm in public)
*Illegal Purchase of illegal Weapons (Purchasing illegal weapons)
*Failure to pay a given fine (Not paying a given ticket, you will be jailed)
*Grand Theft Auto (Hijacking a vehicle without consent from the owner)
*Grand Theft Auto of a emergacy vehicle
*Co-operating with a suspect/helping suspect
*Advertising a drug supplier + $35,000 fine

The following offences carry a jailsentence of 5 minutes.

* Hit and Run (Colliding with someone, their vehicle; then leaving the scene without consulting that person)
* Stalking

Ok andrew ive fixed them up a little tell me what you think now, I read the LSPD i just added stuff more rp in it xD


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Andrew Meyer
Cheif Of Police
Andrew Meyer

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PostSubject: Re: FBI Times/Fines   Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:55 pm

You should probobly use the same laws the PD use. Becuase some of these are a little extreme. Like the 5 hours in jail.

http://drewsrp.forumotion.net/laws-of-san-andreas-f3/ go there.

Andrew Meyer,
SAPD Cheif
Server Owner
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FBI Times/Fines
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