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 Traffic Codes Of 2008

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Andrew Meyer
Cheif Of Police
Andrew Meyer

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PostSubject: Traffic Codes Of 2008   Mon Sep 08, 2008 10:58 pm

Section 1
The following offences carry a fine of 900$

Not wearing a seatbelt (( Just RP it! ))
Driving with a flat tire/tires
Driving a higher speed than 30mp/h on ordinary roads. An addition of 5mp/h is permitted if secure
Driving a higher speed than 75mp/h on highway roads. An addition of 5mp/h is permitted if secure
Changing lanes without signaling to other vehicles around.
Misuse of horn
Using hydraulics whilst in motion
Parking dangerously for oncoming vehicles or/and pedestrians. This office applied to bith the process of parking and the final park.
Parking badly, at a non-allowed place

Section 2
The following offences carry a fine of 1400$

Driving on natural enviroment or/and the sidewalk
All vehicles must yield to emergency vehicles when they're showing it by sirens, or verbal warning.
Using nitrous oxide, a.k.a NOS
Performing dangerous maneuvers (Passiong over a hump, for example)
Driving in wrong lane
Constituting a danger for pedestrians or/and vehicles
Failing to show a drivers license to police officer when requested to
Illegal Racing

Other notes

If you come to a traffic colision. Please call 911 and report it, but after that keep moving. It's best to keep moving, and take a detour. Also never approuch the scene because some citizens are known to value there car to the extreme, and may be hostile during an accident. They may try to attack you or the other person who hit there car.

Andrew Meyer,
SAPD Cheif
Server Owner
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Traffic Codes Of 2008
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