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 Ranks And Responsibilities Of Los Aztecas

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PostSubject: Ranks And Responsibilities Of Los Aztecas   Fri Sep 19, 2008 10:16 am

Ranks & Responsibilities -

Rank 1 – Outsider: As the newest member (and lowest rank) of the Aztecas, your main priority is to collect money, and earn the trust and respect of other, higher ranking members. You can complete these tasks in any [RP] way you see fit, trust is earned, not given. To earn more respect from the higher-ranking members, make sure you show your dedication to the Aztecas and give them the proper respect. You will report to an under boss/ boss if problems on the streets arise, so everyone in the gang stays informed.

Rank 2 – Treasurer : You are officially a known member of the Los Aztecas at this point, but new responsibilities accompany this new rank. You are still expected to earn money for the gang, but you are now tasked with doing official tasks handed down through the ranks, whatever they maybe. Every action you take towards a civilian or another gang will be seen as an action taken by the Los Aztecas, so think before you act. Increased gang participation will yield greater rewards, in the forms money and respect, and eventually a promotion.

Rank 3 – Soldier : The unwavering muscle of the Los Aztecas. You are the backbone of how we operate, the men that are expected to lay down anything for their brothers. They have earned the respect of the bosses/under bosses, and understand what it truly means to be an Azteca.

Rank 4 – Warrior : A Warrior is an elite, efficient, and dedicated member of the Los Aztecas, and with this rank comes a number of new responsibilities. Warriors are responsible for lower-ranking members; keeping an eye on them, organizing them, etc. They never assume total control of anyone, but they serve as captain’s who report to the bosses. Another important duty of a Warrior is to protect the bosses and under bosses, if necessary. This maybe protection from cops, opposing gangs, etc. A Warrior is greatly rewarded for their loyalty, and should be respected throughout the Azteca ranks.

Rank 5 – Underboss : A Fuerza Bruta is a member who has been with the Aztecas through thick and thin, someone who is capable of completing any task set before them in an efficient manner. They are feared and respected on a citywide scale, and their actions are only secondary to those of a Jefe.These ranks members lead los Piratas and Forasteros in wars.And one of their main mission is to protect the Jefes.

Rank 6 - Jefe : Self-explanatory, the person who runs the gang, there may be a Jefe 1st in command and another one 2nd in command.
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Ranks And Responsibilities Of Los Aztecas
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